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The Founder of Norton Arts

As the founder and vision behind Norton Arts, Robert J. Norton has dedicated a great deal of his personal and professional life to learning and teaching various aspects of conflict management. During this time he has worked with those in the areas of production, sales, healthcare, administration, security, self-protection, law enforcement and government.

Norton Arts Robert Norton

Robert knows through experience how conflict management is a valuable life skill to have. His beliefs and values towards prevention has always kept the flame alight and he is renowned for his high degree of integrity by placing ethics before materialistic gain. Through the many testimonials received over the years, it is always his approach and dedication towards his craft that has earned him the greatest of respect and recognition for what he does. He always puts the needs of those he teaches at the forefront.

His passion for teaching is unwavering and how he is dedicated to providing others the education and skills to not only manage conflict but also the gift he can give towards education in the field of self-protection. He knows without any doubt and through years of experience how his instruction has helped many people to either prevent violence against them or helped in the road to recovery.

Robert has a realistic feel of conflict and a practical approach that has him contacted frequently from around the globe. Due to his background covering both physical and nonphysical conflict it provides him with an insight not acquired by many. He has gained much respect from other professionals for his approach.

To understand what has led Robert to this point we look back over 36 years to when he first started learning karate. By age 13 he was already teaching as he had a natural gift for breaking things down and finding the right approach to bring the best out of others. By age 15 he was awarded his 1st black belt than at 17 he founded the unique art of Shoto-Chi. He believed from a very young age that the martial arts should evolve beyond physicality. His vision was to develop an art that evolved around the individual versus a set curriculum and focused not on fighting or sport but injecting the psychology of conflict into resolving conflict. 


As the years progressed Robert started to study more about human behaviour, verbal and nonverbal communication, emotional intelligence, conflict stressors and more. He also trained and worked in the area of close protection and door supervision. Not being the biggest of people he learned how to manage many potentially violent situations without the use of force or minimal force at most. In the past 10 years, Robert has been further recognized for his accomplishments by being inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as an International Founder, received his Ph.D. in Martial Science and continuously praised for his efforts in violence prevention education. He also published the book, Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution in 2013.


Since moving to PEI in 2015 Robert has struggled with slowing down and getting used to the island pace but very much enjoys his surroundings. He enjoys football (soccer as it is known here!), graphic design, and also managing the Blue Spruces Cottages during the summer months.

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Robert J. Norton Ph.D.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but it was a real eye opener for me. Robert is awesome! He is an expert in this field and genuinely cares about your safety.


I absolutely loved this course. It was informative, interactive and a ton of fun. Robert has created a course that not only teaches you how to identify potential conflict, but also how to effectively handle it. It is a course that empowers and supports any woman of any age. Thank you so much Robert. Im forever grateful.


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