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Pine-Wave Energy Robert Norton
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Pine-Wave Energy:

Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution written by Robert J. Norton Ph.D
Pine-Wave Energy:
A Guide to Conflict Resolution

ISBN-978-1-49074-022-5 (PAPERBACK)

ISBN-978-1-49074-023-2 (HARD COVER)

ISBN-978-1-49074-024-9 (EBOOK)

Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution provides a simplistic yet realistic guide to understanding and resolving conflict in normal day-to-day life, both with ourselves and others.


It is a tool to understanding perception within conflict, how emotions become the catalyst for conflict, communication styles, and personality types. It shares effective techniques regarding verbal and nonverbal communication. This is inclusive of the systematically developed QSC strategy for effective verbal communication that can be used in both personal and professional environments. It also introduces the basics of the dynamic technique known as the Fence. This technique has been developed over many years of studying human behavioral patterns by the author This technique integrates NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to assist in the control of one's personal space.


The book takes a logical approach and is a proactive guide aimed at resolving conflict prior to physical engagement whenever possible.

As a result of many years of research and teaching, Robert J. Norton shares his unique perspective into the art of conflict resolution. In this fresh perspective he offers a well-rounded approach on all things conflict and provides effective strategies for both personal and professional environments. As a result of the book and his many years of experience, Robert offers training for individuals and workplace environments in the fields of conflict management, self-protection and violence prevention. Robert is based in PEI, Canada but travels upon request.

"One of the best books I have ever read on the topic of verbal conflict and resolution.

I recommend it to everyone, regardless of their occupation or qualifications.”

– Chris Roberts (SAFE International Inc.)

Pine-Wave Energy Robert Norton

"Pine-Wave Energy is a very much needed book in the world today. There are thousands of "self-help" books out there...this is not one of them. This guide to understanding conflict resolution in no way tries to convince you that you can find resolution if you halfway attempt; it shows you how to actually understand the dynamics of conflict and communication. By breaking down the basics of body language, voice and tone fluctuation, perception as well as managing emotions (which for most of us are derived from a lack of self-control), managing verbal conflict as well as physical conflict (...and so much more...); Mr Norton specifically outlines common sense and places it into a realistic setting with many types of examples and explanations. This book teaches you how to read the body language and how to step back using "mindful" techniques which places no emotional attachment to the subject at hand which allows the reader to give themselves a clear perspective and a vivid outlook at a conflict that ultimately brings (in most cases) calm peaceful results that are derived from the decisions, choices and responsibility in which Mr Norton places back in the hands of the reader.

This book was given to me by a very dear friend who reached out to me when I sought out help for my children in regards to them being bullied. My youngest son is mildly autistic, has moderate aspergers as well as ADHD. While reading through this book I began teaching my sons simple minor techniques that has made monumental differences in their live socially. Even more-so I to be truthful have pretty severe PTSD among many other things that the doctors throw at me...let me just say that by reading Mr Norton's book I have been able to communicate with my family on levels that have just recently been uncovered, I am willing to take responsibility for my own responses and reactions to situations that I never paid attention to before and the stress and pressure of communication has decreased tremendously. Everyone goes through trials in life; Mr Norton just puts the choice of how you approach the trials in life back into your hands."

Rebekah Ann Queen

"This is a great text to introduce you to conflict resolution. While it was written from the perspective of an experienced martial arts teacher, it should be part of the team building process everywhere from classrooms to corporate corner offices. While a lot of books on the topic can be filled with technical jargon and burdened with the author's need to impress you, Norton's writing style is very user-friendly and his stories from his experiences working in martial arts and in personal security add interesting color to the succinct models and principles used to organize central ideas.

Two things really stand out in giving you a sense of the philosophy behind the book and the sincere spirit of the author. One is the fact that he recommends pausing after the first moment a conflict has become physical and offering the aggressor another chance to let logic catch its breath before going on down the path of escalated violence. The second is the pride he clearly takes in recounting a story not of some wild, victorious martial arts battle, but of a time when he talked a knife-wielding character down from a high-conflict status.

I challenge you to read this book and wish you had more people like Norton on your team—from teachers to tax attorneys."

Erik C. Richardson

I was doing a little online search looking for more information regarding innovative conflict management approaches that do not necessarily begin & end with excessive physical force and stumbled upon Dr. Norton's Pine-Wave Energy book. I found his style of managing virtually any type of conflict refreshing and quite thought provoking! I was aware that body language and tone play play a huge part in how we are perceived by others but WOW! this book brings it all to the next level... The Verbal Communication (QSC™) Strategies combined with it's unique Non Verbal Communication protocol which analyzes a number of elements including gestures, movements and physical attitudes is truly cutting edge. What I liked most about this book was its simple, easy-to-follow steps on how to deal with ANY day-to-day conflict ranging from dealing with the kids at home and stressful co-workers to managing an inebriated patron at a Bar. I now have it all covered - Thank you !

Peter Tomé

Whether: negotiating, resolving conflict, or facing a physical confrontation, anyone can benefit from this versatile, referential resource. Norton demonstrates the limits of perception. Rather than functioning on one's own, emotionally biased perception, Norton teaches the reader how to adopt a more: questioning, helpful, and emotionally neutral approach to conflict resolution. The concepts learned here are simple and convenient enough to incorporate into daily living.


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A Guide to Conflict Resolution

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