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Why can’t we all just get along?

How many times have you heard people speaking out about the problem of violence, only to repeat themselves years, if not decades later?

My name is Robert Norton, and the purpose of this continuing blog is to help people understand the realities of violence, but more importantly bring those in the violence prevention sector together. Through understanding and appreciation of how we all play an important part, less people become victims of violence as more become empowered to prevent it.

When it comes to initiatives for preventing violence, all honest ones play an important part. I have to state “honest” as there are stories of people creating initiatives for the very thing that the rest of us are trying to prevent. In other words, using good for bad. It is important that each honest initiative is supported as we are all working toward a common goal.

Whether it is bringing awareness to the issue of violence, campaigning for stricter penalties, supporting the victims of violence, educating others in respect and understanding, and more, we must never lose sight of the sad realities of violence.

However, the chances of the entire human race waking up and deciding that peace and understanding is a better approach to life, is not looking likely. This is not negative thinking, but facing reality. If violence could end at a simple “stop the violence” or “No”, it would have already done so!

In saying this though, it is still a goal we should be aiming for.

I have been involved in violence prevention for a long time. I love seeing the amount of work being done to create a safer future for all. My hope is that through this blog there will become a better understanding from others towards the reality of violence and how we all play our part in keeping people safe.

So what is your take on this?

I urge you to think long and hard before sounding off. Be positive in thought and in response. The purpose of this continuing blog is to bring us together in understanding the roles we all play.

As the acronym T.E.A.M. goes… Together Everyone Achieves More.

In part two and beyond we shall continue to look at “The Euphoric Approach” and “Reality”. Although I have already written many of them, I plan on rewriting them base upon the reflections of others. See you next time!

To be continued…


Robert Norton is the owner and lead instructor for Norton Arts. Based in PEI, Canada, Norton Arts provides practical knowledge and skills training to better identify, avoid and manage violence. The focus is always on preventing violence, but also managing the realities of it.


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