Feedback from Teens

Our Teen Girls EMPOWERMENT course in Self-Protection provides vital life skills in helping to keep them safe from harm. During these courses we provide a great deal of education to help them better IDENTIFY danger and ideally how to AVOID it. We keeping things light but real when teaching PRACTICAL aspect of self-defence.

GREEN represents answers at start of course and GOLD represents the same questions upon completion.


Participants were asked to provide their input as to how they would encourage others to learn self-protection through Norton Arts and of their personal experiences. Here are just a few responses.. 

I feel much more empowered and I learned more than I anticipated.

Age 15

It was awesome! fun and I learned a lot!

Age 15

I’ve realized that I need to be more aware of my surroundings.

Age 16

This course offers information on things you don’t even consider normally, such as how attackers perceive their victims. Very informative! 

Age 18

It was great and helped me learn stuff I didn’t know.

Age 14

You feel more confident about managing potential danger, and you actually know what to do with easy things that pretty much come natural.

Age 19

It was beneficial and not what you would expect.

Age 15

You will learn a lot to protect yourself and to avoid conflict and danger.

Age 14

I had a lot of fun and I felt like I learned a lot to protect myself. Being with friends made it even better.

Age 14

Very good and a good way of teaching

Age 19

It’s a good life skill to have because danger can happen to anyone at any time.

Age 16

It helps you with simple basic things for self-protection, and helps boost your confidence.

Age 17

It’s a very good course. It teaches easy to learn skills for realistic situations. Very useful!

Age 15

I enjoyed it a lot. Rob is a friendly and awesome instructor. I learned a lot through this course and would definitely recommend it to others.

Age 18

It's a great program and I feel a lot of girls should know how to defend themselves. Everything was easy to understand.

Age 12

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All Norton Arts Self-Protection courses focus on Preventing Violence versus solely reacting to circumstances.

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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