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Norton Arts Violence Protection PEI
Norton Arts Violence Protection PEI
Norton Arts Violence Protection PEI
Norton Arts Violence Protection PEI
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Violence Prevention Training

Norton Arts provides Violence Prevention Training (VPT) for both communities and workplace environments.

We have all heard the saying "NO means NO!" but violence isn't that clear cut. There are many distinguishing factors that must be understood in order to understand violence. Violence may come from external sources such as customers, clients, patients or even strangers. It could also come from internal sources such as friends, family or those we work with.


Whatever the reason for violence, it is unacceptable behaviour and learning to protect ourselves from these negative behaviours is far better than having to deal with the aftermath of violence.


Our programs offer a truly unique insight as we focus on the skills to better IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE violence.

Norton Arts Violence Prevention Training in P.E.I.
Norton Arts Violence Prevention Training in Prince Edward Island.
Norton Arts Violence Prevention Education Blog

"These EMPOWERING courses teach valuable LIFE SKILLS that everyone should have."

Violence Prevention Empowerment-Based Training

The Norton Arts Violence Prevention Training courses provide knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of victimization. Furthermore it educates on many elements of violence prevention and is proactive in nature.

Violence has many faces. It may be a result of interpersonal conflict, mental health issues, domestic violence or crime based intent to name a few. It impacts our personal and professional lives on many levels. As individuals we have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe, as a community we have the responsibility to look out for each other.


This truly insightful program into Violence Prevention is empowering. It not only brings us together as a community, but also educates on various aspects of violence prevention.

Some of the Topics we Cover Include:

• We All Play a Part

• Types of Violence

• Active Listening Skills

• Assessing the Risk of Violence

• Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

• Understanding Environmental and Emotional Stressors

• Understanding Fight, Flight or Freeze

• Personal Space Management

• Verbal Engagement (QSC™)

• Why Self-Protection Training is Part of Violence Prevention

• Self-Protection (Identify, avoid and manage violence)

• Practical Basic Self-Defence

   And more…

Why include Self-Protection?

Self-Protection is about being PROACTIVE towards our personal safety. It plays a PIVOTAL role in PREVENTING VIOLENCE as it teaches valuable LIFE SKILLS in how to IDENTIFY danger as well as how to AVOID it. It also focuses on the REALITY of having to MANAGE it. They are life skill everyone should have. Self-Protection is NOT teaching fighting. It is NOT based upon martial arts but practical defence of self. See our blog on how Self-Protection integrates into violence prevention.


Training Options
Workplace - These instructor-led onsite courses bring us to your workplace environment and can be scheduled for a time that is convenient to you. We offer 1/2 day and full-day courses.

Community-Based – These public courses spread over 3-4 weeks provide like-minded individuals a great opportunity to meet others in the community seeking education and skills to help prevent violence.  For location and dates call us or stay connect with us here or on Facebook @nortonartspei

E-learning – Online e-learning course coming soon!

What Age Group are the Community-Based Programs for?

Our courses are designed for all over the age of 12 due to the physical component. No one participating in our programs are coerced into the physical aspect of self-protection. The details of what is taught within the physical component of the courses are fully explained within the course. 

Become Empowered!

Norton Arts community-based Violence Prevention Training in Prince Edward Island

Violence Prevention Training

An Empowerment-based training course that brings people together to help reduce the risk of violence.

Norton Arts offers an array of Conflict Management & Self-Protection courses which may be of interest to you either personally or professionally.


Norton Arts is a professional business that specializes in providing the highest quality of instruction in the area of Violence Prevention. We take what we teach extremely seriously as we know how sensitive a subject it can be. Our focus is ALWAYS on providing the education to PREVENT VIOLENCE whenever possible. The classes are taught in a RELAXED, FRIENDLY and FUN manner in an attempt to remove the anxiety many have about learning certain aspects of violence prevention, especially the physical defence of self. What we teach is practical self-protection, not martial arts. It goes way beyond what many others term as self-defence instruction.

Norton Arts is proud to be associated with and t support the PEI Man Up campaign.

Proudly supporting the P.E.I. Man Up Initiative.

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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Education and skills to reduce the risk of violence

Norton Arts Violence Reality PEI
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