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What is Self-Protection?

Although this subject is extensive, at Norton Arts we believe in keeping things as simple as possible as the world is complicated enough already!


There is a huge misconception when it comes to understanding the term "Self-Protection". Why? Well, many see self-protection and self-defence as one and the same. They are not. As much as self-protection does include the physical defence of self (self-defence), the primary focus is ALWAYS on PREVENTING violence but also managing the realities of it.

Here is a "5 Things to Know" infographic that helps you to understand Self-Protection...


Norton Arts_ 5 things.jpg


Norton Arts is a professional business that specializes in providing the highest quality of instruction in the area of Violence Prevention. We take what we teach extremely seriously as we know how sensitive a subject it can be. Our focus is ALWAYS on providing education to PREVENT VIOLENCE whenever possible. The classes are taught in a RELAXED, FRIENDLY and FUN manner in an attempt to remove the anxiety many have about learning certain aspects of violence prevention, especially the physical defence of self. What we teach is practical self-protection, not martial arts. It goes way beyond what many others term as self-defence instruction.

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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Learning to Identify, Avoid and Manage Violence

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