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Norton Arts Conflict Management PEI
Norton Arts Conflict Management PEI
Norton Arts Conflict Management PEI
Norton Arts Violence Management PEI
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Conflict Management Training (CMT)

Our Conflict Management Training  provides practical skills in IDENTIFYING, AVOIDING and MANAGING conflict. One of the many advantages of the Norton Arts training modules is our rounded knowledge in this area. As we cover aspects of conflict from simple misunderstandings to the physical defence of self, we can offer a comprehensive approach to suit those we teach.


The focus of Norton Arts is to provide PROACTIVE education in Conflict Management and always on PREVENTING VIOLENCE. Our modular-based approach provides for flexibility in the area of skills training and is tailored towards those we work with. From understanding conflict to verbal engagement and nonverbal communication to personal space management and beyond, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with PRACTICAL skills in Conflict Management. 

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training provides practical skills in identifying, avoiding and managing conflict.

We Tailor our programs to fit the needs of those we teach as we understand that every environment is unique. 

  • Healthcare Workers  

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Insurance and Mortgage Agents

  • Schools (Students & Educators) 

  • Office Administration

  • Emergency Responders and Law Enforcement

  • And more...

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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I feel your course was excellent and the staff really enjoyed it. They struggled with the legalities of defending themselves before getting the info from your course. The techniques where easy to learn and easy to execute, I give your course an A+. The staff feels much more secure after taking the course.

Daryle Arsenault (Boys & Girls Club Summerside) 

Thank you so much for coming out to our conference! The ladies loved your energy and the information you provided was just perfect. Thank you so much, and I hope we will work together again soon!

Julie Pelissier-Lush (Mi'kmaq Family Resource Centre)

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