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Norton Arts Self-Protection PEI
Norton Arts Self-Protection PEI
Norton Arts Self-Protection PEI
Norton Arts Self-Protection PEI
Norton Arts Violence Prevention PEI
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Self-Protection Education

Our Focus is ALWAYS on Preventing Violence.

Learning Self-Protection is not earning a belt or learning fancy complicated techniques, it is about learning the skills to IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE conflict situations. It is focusing on PREVENTING violence and becoming PROACTIVE towards our personal safety. It is becoming EMPOWERED towards keeping ourselves SAFE from harm. It is learning and understanding the reality of those wishing to do us harm. And yes... You're Right! We shouldn't have to learn how to protect ourselves, but the REALITY of life, is that we do.


When educating in Self-Protection there is always one question we ask. "Doesn't it make more sense to learn the skills to prevent violence, versus solely reacting to circumstances?" The answer 99% of the time will be "Yes!". We then go on to explain that this is the difference between what many claim to be self-defence/protection and what is PRACTICAL.

The Norton Arts courses don't just focus on the physicality of conflict, but rather a practical and REALISTIC approach. This includes but not limited to, learning about the Canadian Criminal Code on Defence of Person, Situational Awareness, Nonverbal Communication, Distraction Techniques, Verbal Engagement, Personal Space Management, everyday scenarios and Practical Self-Defence.

Norton Arts Self-Protection/Self-Defence educational programs in Prince Edward Island.

All Norton Arts Self-Protection courses focus on Preventing Violence versus solely reacting to circumstances.

  • Pre-Teens Personal Safety  

  • Teen Girls Empowerment 

  • Teen Boys Respect

  • Mother's & Daughters

  • Women's Only 

  • Mixed Self-protection

  • Community Groups

  • Workplace

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Tourism Industry

  • College/University Campuses

  • Real Estate 

  • Staff Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Healthcare Industry

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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I liked how we progressed from the easiest situation to the most difficult with the goal of de-escalation at every step. I want every woman I know to have these skills. I think it's especially important for young women. I remember being 18 and feeling indestructible. I would never have signed up for something like this, so, ideally it would be great to get buy-in from the schools so that more young women learn to protect themselves and fewer become victims.

Michelle Blanchard


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Every girl on PEI would benefit from this course, whether young or old... from knowing her rights... to learning pro-active verbal and non-verbal strategies, and basic physical response maneuvers.

Sarah Armstrong

For me the best attributes to this course were the preventative measures to try and prevent physical contact, like being aware of your surroundings. You’re doing wonderful things by empowering women! It's exactly what this island needs! More empowering and awareness and less focus on the aftermath of violence.

Jamie Donovan Gallant

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