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Norton Arts Conflict Management PEI

Practical Violence Management Training

With a PROACTIVE approach to Conflict Management & Self-Protection that focuses on VIOLENCE PREVENTION, Norton Arts provides PRACTICAL educational skills to IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE conflict.


From workplace De-escalation skills training to teaching the importance of Self-Protection education to individuals, Norton Arts provides a PRACTICAL approach to managing conflict. Our impressive Modular-based Conflict Management Training (CMT), as well as our community-based workshops, provide an excellent opportunity to learn PRACTICAL and REALISTIC skills in managing difficult situations.


We believe in providing a tailored approach from PREVENTION to ESCALATION and RESOLUTION. We take the time to listen and understand your specific needs so we can provide you with skills training that is relevant to you.

All Norton Arts courses focus on PREVENTING VIOLENCE but also the REALITY of managing physical conflict. We place a heavy emphasis on taking a PROACTIVE approach and providing the highest caliber of EDUCATION to suit your needs. 

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1 Hour sessions 
Violence Prevention Training for Individuals and Workplace environments

"Wow! What a fantastic self-protection program was given by Norton Arts! Robert’s session was informative, useful and very real. He focused heavily on prevention and armed us with simple moves to use should we ever need them. I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and delivery of the material.


We need this type of training in our schools, for health care providers, and for the general public! I hope to see lots of other people using Robert to teach these skills. I highly recommend him!" - Carol O'Hanley (EXIT Realty PEI)

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