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Practical Self-Protection Education

There is no shying away from it. The reality of violence is that it does exist and it can happen to anyone!


Should it happen? NO! But it does. As a society should we be focusing on preventing violence? ABSOLUTELY!

Self-Protection is about being PROACTIVE towards our personal safety. It plays a PIVOTAL role in PREVENTING VIOLENCE as it teaches valuable LIFE SKILLS in how to IDENTIFY danger as well as how to AVOID it. It also focuses on the REALITY of having to MANAGE it. They are life skill everyone should have.


As part of the Norton Arts Modular-Based CMT, we offer an extensive array of tailored Self-Protection courses.

Norton Arts Violence Prevention Training for community and workplace environments in Prince Edward Island
Norton Arts offers specialized Self-Protection courses in P.E.I. for women that focus on practical skill to identify, avoid and manage conflict. The focus is always on preventing violence.

Women's Self-Protection - The focus is ALWAYS on PREVENTING violence!

FACT: It is reported that 1 in 3 women will be physically assaulted in their lifetime. 


As many have testified to... "These EMPOWERING courses teach valuable LIFE SKILLS that every woman should have."


This is not your average self-defence course! Our courses focus on providing PRACTICAL education and skills to better IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE conflict. They do not focus solely on being reactive to physical attack or on teaching fancy complicated techniques but educating in the REALITIES of managing violent behaviour towards us. Make your personal safety a priority. You may think it may never happen to you, but it is better to BE PREPARED than not! This course will truly open your eyes.

• Understand your LEGAL rights and responsibilities

• Learn how to IDENTIFY potentially dangerous situations

• Learn how to best AVOID violence and the distractions used against us

• Learn how to better MANAGE your personal space through effective communication

• Learn PRACTICAL self-defence that focuses on keeping-it-short-and-simple!

• Learn how to better MANAGE your emotions in conflict

Norton Arts offers specialized Self-Protection courses for schools in PEI and Eastern New Brunswick that focus on teaching practical skill to identify, avoid and manage violence. The focus is always on preventing violence.

Teen Empowerment  - Specialized SCHOOL based programs

FACT: By providing life skills in self-protection we are helping to prevent violence.


"Ideally it would be great to get buy-in from the SCHOOLS so that more young women learn to protect themselves and FEWER become VICTIMS." – Michelle Blanchard


From PREVENTION to ESCALATION and RESOLUTION, Norton Arts provides tailored program for educational establishments starting at Intermediate level schools and continuing through to College and University. We are a strong advocate in taking an educational approach towards Self-Protection. Our programs focus on PREVENTING VIOLENCE by providing the education and skills to better IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE conflict. We have specialized programs for both boys and girls that focus on different aspects of self-protection.

We work with schools in P.E.I. and the Anglophone East district of schools in New Brunswick. If you belong to a school community and would like to receive more information on how to bring this program to your school, please reach out and we will be more than happy to send you an information package.


We are NOT teaching martial arts, we are teaching practical life skills in violence prevention.

Norton Arts Home-Based Self-Protection training is great for friends and family to get together and have some fun while learning some valuable life skills.

Home-Based  - Great for private tuition to family parties!

FACT: Learning Self-protection when surrounded by those you love can be a fun experience!


"My daughter Alisha and I took this before she went volunteering and back packing in Peru. I feel 100% better knowing Alisha has had this training before traveling on her own for the first time . It was also fun We learned a lot ...Wish I'd of taken this years ago . Highly recommend this!" – Sonya D Pauley


Norton Arts offers a great way to brings family, friends, neighbours and even co-workers together in a fun and interactive experience. In our home-based courses, we come to your residence or another venue that you have access to. This could even be your basement, living room or even the back yard while enjoying a BBQ. This is a great way to learn valuable skills in self-protection with those you know and love. 

PRIVATE tuition 

FAMILY gatherings

• Mother/Daughter and or Father/Son BONDING

• Tailored towards YOUR specific needs

• Learning as a family provides PEACE OF MIND and cohesion

• A fun and practical experience in learning to IDENTIFY, AVOID and MANAGE conflict

The standard Self-Protection course is 5hrs.

During this time, we cover the following topics and more. Course time can be tailored.

• What is PRACTICAL Self-Protection?

• Understanding your LEGAL rights and responsibilities

• What aggressors WANT and WHY

• How to IDENTIFY potentially dangerous situations

• How to best AVOID violence

• Common distractions used against us

• How to MANAGE your personal space

• Verbal engagement strategies (QSC™)

PRACTICAL self-defence

• How to better MANAGE your emotions in conflict

Norton Arts offers an array of Self-Protection courses which include the following. If you're interested, simply reach out to us.

  • Pre-Teens Personal Safety  

  • Teen Girls Empowerment 

  • Teen Boys Respect

  • Mother & Daughter

  • Father & Son

  • Women's Only 

  • Mixed Self-protection

  • Community Groups

  • Workplace


Norton Arts is a professional business that specializes in providing the highest quality of instruction in the area of self-protection. We take what we teach extremely seriously as we know how sensitive a subject it can be. Our focus is ALWAYS on providing the education to PREVENT VIOLENCE whenever possible. The classes are taught in a RELAXED, FRIENDLY and FUN manner in an attempt to remove the anxiety many have about learning the physical side of self-defence. What we teach is practical self-protection and goes way beyond what many others term as self-defence instruction.

Norton Arts is proud to be associated with and t support the PEI Man Up campaign.

Proudly supporting the P.E.I. Man Up Initiative.

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

Thanks! Message sent.

Learn how to Identify, Avoid & Manage Conflict.

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