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Norton Arts Conflict Management PEI
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Modular-Based Conflict Management Training

The Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training has been developed to provide YOU the flexibility to meet your specific needs. Training is available for individuals, small groups or larger gatherings. Our focus is on providing YOU the skill sets that are applicable to YOU and your respective surrounding.

Over the years, Norton Arts has and continues to work with many industries such as Schools, Hospitals, Real Estate, Family Services, Care Workers, Hospitality, Sales Teams, Production, Management, Human Resources and more.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management & Self-Protection Education in PEI
Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Understanding Conflict

01 UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT - 2 hr. Slideshow Presentation

This relaxed and relatable approach to conflict acts as a perfect introduction to the more advanced modules while providing the foundations to build upon. It is tailored towards those that learn it, making it suitable for all age groups. This module focuses on Understanding Conflict, Emotions, Perception, Personalities, Listening Skills and Nonverbal Communication.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Personal Safety

02 PERSONAL SAFETY (PREVENTATIVE MEASURES) - 2 hr. Slideshow Presentation

It is said that the safest place to be when a crisis occurs is nowhere around. Personal safety starts with identifying potential dangers so we are in a better position to avoid them. This module is an eye-opening experience that offers a wonderful insight into the personal safety aspect of self-protection. This module focuses on Perception, Self-Image, Body Language, Awareness & Avoidance and Life-Style Specific Scenarios.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Verbal Engagement

03 VERBAL ENGAGEMENT (QSC™) - 2 hr. Slideshow Presentation

When it comes to de-escalating conflict our communication style is of paramount importance. This Verbal Engagement module provides effective skills in a simple, fun and relatable manner. Based upon “Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution”, this module focuses on Situational Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, The QSC™ Verbal Strategy, Nonverbal Communication, Negotiating and more.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Personal Space Management

04 PERSONAL SPACE MANAGEMENT - 2 hr. Light Physical Movement

Not many people enjoy having their personal space invaded. This is one of our most popular modules as it focuses on the dynamics of Personal Space Management. This module goes far beyond what is taught in other crisis intervention courses and is tailored towards the needs of your environment. It is a fun and educational role-playing experience that combines perfectly with Verbal Engagement.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Self-Protection/Self-Defence in P.E.I.

05 PHYSICAL CONFLICT (BEGINNER) - 2-4 hr. Light-Medium Physicality 

From practical restraints to pre-emptive/counter striking and defence from strikes and grabs, this module is completely tailored towards the needs of the individual and or organizations. Our focus is always on preventing violence while educating and developing skills that uphold the Canadian Criminal Code on defence of person. This module is only taught in conjunction with Personal Space Management.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Self-Protection/Self-Defence in P.E.I.

06 PHYSICAL CONFLICT (INTERMEDIATE) - 4 hr. Med-Heavy Physicality

This module goes much deeper into the physical aspect of self-protection. It goes deep into the psychological nature of conflict inclusive of behaviour patterns, needs and wants. It works well as a continued learning module and also a refresher. The instruction during this module also introduces advanced Personal Space Management skills and practical scenario training. As per all our modules, it is tailored to your needs. Participates must have prior knowledge of physical self-defence.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management Training in Self-Protection/Self-Defence in P.E.I.

07 PHYSICAL CONFLICT (ADVANCED) - 6 hr. Heavy Physicality

Based on the art of Shoto-Chi, this module covers high level physical and weapon-based threat assessment and management skills. It is reality-based physical training that incorporates heightened states of emotion and intention. It is ideal for those working in high-risk security, law enforcement and other response teams. Acceptance into this module is strictly based upon a high level of conflict experience.

Norton Arts Modular-Based Conflict Management & Self-Protection Education in P.E.I.

MIX N' MATCH OPTION - You Choose the content and Duration - 2 hr.+

The ultimate in conflict management training as it provides a practical and comprehensive combination of the fore-mentioned modules. The Mix n' Match option allows the individual or organization to completely customize the training to suit their specific needs. So you choose the topics and overall duration of the training and we tailor to you.
  Norton Arts is the ONLY source of practical self-protection training in P.E.I. What we teach goes far beyond the physical and hence why it is called conflict management!


Like learning other topics, it is a process. We take the education in the area of Self-Protection extremely seriously. As a result we will not teach the Physical Conflict Modules to any persons that has not learned appropriate pre-contact skills. These skills include Situational Awareness and Avoidance, Verbal Engagement or de-escalation tactics. Many of our community-based programs such as the Women's Self-Protection and Teen Empowerment programs do include these materials.

In addition to the modules listed on this page, we also have specialized focused modules on the following topics:

  • Nonverbal Communication (Body Language)

  • EQ Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Knife and Blunt Weapon Defence

We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in taking a course, booking one or simply want to connect, we look forward to it.

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We listen and tailor to YOU!

Very informative! I was expecting to learn how to defend myself in a "reactive" way and was pleasantly surprised with the approach you took. I liked the concept of defusing the situation, and the steps you provided in doing so, instead of reacting with force. Your explanations were presented well. I like the idea of simple maneuvers. It was a relaxing and comfortable environment to be in.

Sharon Gosse

I absolutely loved this course. It was informative, interactive and a ton of fun. Robert has created a course that not only teaches you how to identify potential conflict, but also how to effectively handle it. It is a course that empowers and supports any woman of any age. Thank you so much Robert. Im forever grateful.


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